wx.Grid - choice or combobox still visible


Is there a way to keep combobox visible? Without clicking on a cell?
I’d like to get the effect as shown in the picture below.


Thanks for any help !

Not with the Grid control. It’s design is limited to showing only one editor widget at a time. The closest you can get is to change the cell renderer to draw something that looks like a combobox widget.

You may have better luck with the UltimateListCtrl

Thanks for your advice! I will try it.

Before that, I used HyperTreeList and there I had some problems that I haven’t dealt with yet. For example, the size of the edit box for a given position in the row, or justification of widgets - to be independent of the column justification. I wrote about it here:

Hope I won’t have a problem with that in UltimateListCtrl.