HyperTreeList - help with several appearance issues during editing


I am having trouble with a few issues in creating the layout of HTL. I list them below:

  1. In my code, I set up the ability to edit the values ​​in the columns. When editing, an editing window is launched, the size of which depends on the length of the text in the first column. How can I improve it? Screenshots below. I would like the size of the edit box to be the same as the column in which I edit the item, and not dependent on the length of the text in column 0.

  2. I set the centering in the columns. When inserting a widget like choicebox or checkbox etc, I would like it to be in the center of the column, not start at the center of the column. Below is a screnshot of the problem.

  3. Is it possible to lock editing for cells in which widgets are inserted? So that there would be no such situation as in the picture below.

  4. Is it possible to set a background for the entire row, not just its content?

Example code:

Thanks for any help.