Welcome to Discuss wxPython

Welcome! This wxPython discussion site is for users of the wxPython toolkit, to discuss how to use the library, to assist each other with questions and issues, to help newbies, and to guide the ongoing development of the wxPython toolkit.

The hope is that this site will replace the wxPython-users and wxPython-dev mail lists, but will also have more rich and diverse content, much like how we have used the wiki. There will also be a bit of integration with GitHub to hopefully assist with communication and visibility of development-related tasks. Discourse sites like this one can be used either like a typical forum site, or like a mail list.

To ask questions here, first Snap002 and Snap003, then choose a category, such as newbie help, and then click the Snap001 button.

Have fun!

Looks good! Thanks Robin for setting this up.

Now if only someone could answer my PlateButton problem of June 15 :thinking:

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