ObjectListView in Conda

There is no clear way to post a question on this sight for the beginner. It might help to have a great big-old button that says ask a question. Anyway, I have one. Is there a good proceedure to get ObjectListView into conda environment? I tried a conda install ObjectListView and had to opt on a pip install. What’s the best thing to do after this? I was thinking a “notes” file saved directly into the conda environment path to describe the pip install. Does a freeze accoplish just the bare minimum from the conda environement? It is still a little hazy for me as I have only been working with conda for a few weeks and wanted to make sure I am using it the best way possible. I know I have had to perform a lot of hacks to getting my environments to play nice and thought conda might help make my life a little easier. It may be that I just create a script that whenever I have to install with pip I have a post operation to get my conda envirnment already up to speed with no other issues. I had to get ObjectListView from pip as it was not on my standard channels, and hadn’t researched where it may be in conda land. Any help would be great- either a conda channel or their thoughts on automating in another process to keeping my environment working optimally.