Next wxpython release

Hello Robin, I hope you are fine.
Is there any chance to have a new wxpython release compatible with python 3.11 in the next weeks? Also to get bug fixes from recent wxwidgets

kind regards



Subscribed. Unfortunately have a dependency here as well.

The latest snapshot is found in “Index of /Phoenix/snapshot-builds”. Though limited up to python 3.10, many bugs have been fixed! (EDIT maybe bug fixes from recent wxwidgets is not included)

wxver = 4.2.1a1.dev5545
pip install --pre --trusted-host -f wxPython==$(wxver)

Recently, wxWidgets updated Scintilla to 3.21.1.

The current Scintilla version 3.7.2 has been updated 5 years ago (maybe).
Looking forward to bug fixes and the new features in

I will be glad, if new release could be done as well (see Questions about plans for 4.2.1 release)

I would be happy if this could become available