Questions about plans for 4.2.1 release

Hi, I have a question concerning any plans for 4.2.1 release

The application which I created using wxPython for the company I’m working for is currently employing wxPython 4.1.1.

I would like to move to the next version due to some fixes in the wxWidgets (like, but after trying to run a test suite on the application with 4.2.0 version of wxPython I have found out, that it is being affected by the issue, which was fixed after the release of 4.2.0 version.

I understand that doing a release for the project of size like wxPython is a significant endevour, and therefore will be grateful for approximate timeline, when such release could be expected.

Many thanks in advance

Serhiy Yevtushenko

A fix for the integer division bugs in UltimateListCtrl when using Python 3.10 or later ( would also be most welcome.