ActiveText rather than StaticText

A drop-in replacement for wx.StaticText with added functionality.
Envisaged originally to be used for a generic messaging area, where you want to inform the user
about what is happening, but don’t want the message left cluttering up the screen.

It’s StaticText Jim, but not as we know it!

Not exactly singing and dancing but at least self-clearing, sliding left and right, flashing and scrolling
Can still be used as a standard statictext, simply by using SetLabel()

Timers for Clearing, Flashing, Cycling and Tickering
Clearing options: Instant, Left to Right or Right to Left
Flasing options: Constant, Initially or Finally
Tickering options: Left to Right or Right to Left, limited repetition or continuous

Thanks to Ecco/ZigZag for testing on the Windows platform
As usual complaints/suggestions/abuse on a postcard. (34.0 KB)

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