xyPython - won't install with Python 3.11

I have tried different approaches and cannot get xyPython to install on my Python 3.11.3 environment. I see a lot of discussions on the WEB about issues. Does anyone have a resolution? I get a message that the buildwheel did not run successfully. My pip version is 23.1.2 and current. 2023-05-19T04:00:00Z

I’m assuming you mean wxPython? :slight_smile:

What operating system are you using?

You might want to try below - but I have not confirmed that it works:


I am using Windows 11

I had a similar issue, at least for windows 10. After Following the link jfabiani added, I downloaded the file for python 3.11. After running through python (pip install wxPython-4.2.1a1-cp311-cp311-win_amd64.whl), it appeared to work. I checked the installed applications (pip list) and wxPython 4.2.1a1 was there. I Imagine it’s a similar process for windows 11. Good Luck

Official night-builds for Python 3.11 and even 3.12 are available here: https://wxpython.org/Phoenix/snapshot-builds/

Works fine on Windows 10 and 11.

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