wxUiEditor 1.1 released

wxUiEditor 1.1 [https://github.com/KeyWorksRW/wxUiEditor] is a RAD tool for wxWidgets that lets you visually create your UI and then have it generate the Python code necessary to create that UI in your program. With support for roughly 140 widgets, this tool provides the most complete wxWidgets support as well as currently being the only tool to support wxPython 4.2. The tool can creating new projects, or you can have it import projects from wxFormBuilder, wxGlade or XRC. wxUiEditor runs natively on Windows and under Wine (version 5 or later) on Unix. The code it generates is targeted for wxPython 4.2 and will run on any platform supported by wxPython.


Is there a pre-built version out there?
I ask as I’ve downloaded cmake 3.25.2 on a windows 10 machine
ran the
cmake -G “Ninja Multi-Config” . -B build
And got back - CMake was unable to find a build program corresponding to “Ninja Multi-Config”. CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM is not set

I trying to learn pythoon and wxPython simultaneous and really have never used cmake before. I’ve done some perl and some javascript/java programming.

On the right side of the web site is a “Releases” section with a link to the latest release (wxUiEditor-1.1.0-win64.exewin64.exe) which is a setup program that installs it. That just installs the binary – there are also links to the source code for those that want to build it themselves without having to clone the sources.

Found the installable - thank you

Well, my company won’t allow it top be installed as “Windows protected your PC” and I can’t disable the etting due to company settings preventing it

ideas? My personal machine is a Mac

In theory it would run on a Mac that had Wine installed, but I don’t have a way to verify that as I don’t have access to a Mac. Presumably it would also run on a Mac with a virtual Windows machine, but that would seem like a lot to add just to access one program.

There’s no good way around your company’s security policy – in fact I would assume you also can’t download wxPython either since that also includes binaries? As for building it, you would need a lot more than CMake – you would need a fairly current C++ compiler toolchain as well.

Do you know whether your company’s security policy allows you to install programs from a .msi script? I don’t normally use that, because it’s quite a bit more complicated to get the same setup functionality I get creating an executable (via NDIS). The other question would be whether your company allows installation from signed executables? I don’t currently sign it because it costs money to get/maintain a certificate – which is not common for a free open source project…

Would love Mac and native Linux builds of this. GitHub Actions lets you build for those OS’s remotely but of course you still need a real machine to actually test the app.

Will try under wine and see how I go.