wxPythonMeticy: A release to PyPI of the latest master branch code

I need an up-to-date version of wxPython in PyPI as a dependency for my project. I also need this version to have couple of bug fixes and features that I have submitted but are still in the PR state but not yet merged in.

So I went ahead and released to PyPI with a new name wxPythonMeticy from my github fork.

I created this because I need it. But I am offering it here as an alternative to the nightly snapshot builds for those that need a bleeding edge wxPython and prefer or need the convenience of PyPI at the expense of not being an official release.

I am uploading wheels for MSW 64 and 32 and Mac, but only for Python 3.11 and 3.12 --This is a bleeding edge release after all–. I plan to release manylinux wheels too, but so far I have failed to create truly portable ones as discussed at Linux wheels with manylinux2010 - #22 by jmoraleda

I do not intend wxPythonMeticy to diverge from the official wxPython repo. In fact quite the opposite, I intend to rebase to master frequently and once all my PR’s are merged in, it will just be a mirror.


Thanks for providing this build of current wxPython. When I pip install wxpythonmeticy, and then try to import wx, I get the error:

ImportError: dynamic module does not define module export function (PyInit__core)

I’m on a mac M3, running python 3.12.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Does installing the official wheel from the snapshot builds work for you? If so, which exact file? I can try to see what is different.

Perhaps this old discussion may help as well. In particular this comment by Robin.

Thanks! The latest 4.2.2a1 snapshot for cp312 works for me.

I have released to PyPI a new version of wxPythonMeticy that includes this week’s upgrade of wxPython master branch to wxWidgets 3.2.5

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