wxPython with wxWidgets 3.2.3

I just noticed that wxWidgets 3.2.3 has recently been releases (2023-10-12).

What is the plan for a wxPython build with wxWidgets 3.2.3.

  • rebuild of wxPython 4.2.1 with wxWidgets 3.2.3?
  • new release of wxPython 4.2.2 with wxWidgets 3.2.3?

Are there any snapshots that use the latest wxWidgets release?
The snapshot directory latest files are from 2023-08-31. I don’t see anything for September or October.

Thanks, Brendan.


There’s not been much activity in the wxPython GitHub repository.

The last commit to the master branch was on Aug 31.

Oh ok. An official build of wxPython 4.2.1 with the latest wxWidgets 3.2.3 would be nice as an interim until the next wxPython release.

I made some simple bug fixes to the UltimateListCtrl a while ago. My Pull Requests have been merged to the master branch and it would be nice if they could be part of a new official release. However, only @Robin is able to produce releases, which would depend on his other commitments.

Chomping at the bit for any updates for the dark theme

I’ll keep watching

A regression issue has been found with wxWidgets 3.2.3 on GTK/Linux.

It relates to Copy/Paste in the StyledTextCtrl.

The issue has been fixed by reverting the change that caused it, on the basis that “it’s better to have a [memory] leak than non-working clipboard”.

The fix is currently scheduled to be included in wxWidgets 3.2.4

4.2 is kind of the ultimate version.

that is still 37.8 versions away :rofl:

Unfortunately, wx.stc is based on old Scintilla 3.7.2.
The current version of wxSTC (wxWidgets 3.2.3) appears to be based on the Scintilla 5.0 (I don’t know which long-term version 3.x.x corresponds to it from the history: Scintilla).

I’m not sure if the fix will be included in wx.stc. Does anyone know about it?

wxWidgets has been released (11 Nov 2023) :slight_smile:

Not sure if wxPython update is due soon (I have my fingers crossed).
I do see merges of wxWidgets 3.2.4 in the git repo that is very encouraging.

There are some builds from Jan 2024 in the snapshots folder, but only for macOS. The buildbot also only seems to have macOS entries. There used to be Windows and Linux builds but they seemed to have disappeared. I wonder where they have gone?