wxPython with wxWidgets 3.1


Is there a pip installable wheel for wxPython that uses wxWidgets 3.1? Maybe pip install -U wxPython-dev or something along those lines?

I was looking throught the Phoenix wx.StaticBitmap documentation and notices the ScaledMode property which I wanted to try out. The documentation says it’s introduced in version 3.1.0 (which I figure is wxWidgets 3.1.0, not wxPython 3.1.0).


The release documentation doesn’t mention ScaledMode at all, so I figure it must be available in an upcoming release - I wonder when ???


Thanks, Brendan.

Correct. Starting with Phoenix the wxPython major version number is wxWidgets’ major version number plus 1. We will still be tracking the minor version number without change. So wxWidgets 3.1 equates to wxPython 4.1.

For Windows, Mac or source builds you can get the latest automated snapshot build with a command like this:

pip install -U --pre -f https://wxpython.org/Phoenix/snapshot-builds wxPython