Wx python and SQL alchemy database issues

I have created a reminders application with wx python. it uses a SQL alchemy database to store reminder details. it seems to work great in the terminal. however, when i use pyinstaller to convert it to an exe file and then i use NSIS to create an installer for it and install it on my computer, i am having some issues. note: when it is installed, the main executeable and the .ico file are installed in a directory in program files, and the folder with the notification sounds is installed in a folder in the app data folder. these are the issues that i am having when i try to use the installed app

  1. it opens, and i am able to successfully create a new reminder, and it is successfully saved and the database.db file is created in the same directory in the app data folder. i can successfully create multiple reminders after this. however, once a reminder comes around and the popup window comes with the reminder information, if i stop the reminder and open the main window again, when i try to create another reminder, only the name, date, and time widgets show up, the widgets to choose the sound, create button, and close button do not show up.
  2. the notes window opens a text file, but it wont save the text, and when i check where the notes.txt file is supposed to be created, none is there.
  3. when i click the exit button that is actually terminate the application (the regular close functionality was overwritten to just hide the frame so that the app can run in the background), by closing the session, stopping the engine, stopping the timer, and calling either the frame.destroy or frame.close functions, if i try to delete the exe or database file, it is saying file in use.
    i don’t know what else to do. can someone please point me in the right direction?app files.zip (14.2 KB)

well, it all sounds pretty ‘aloof’ for a straight forward application (many system components) but as I understand these Window folders they are correctly chosen by the components :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t really help you directly but I had the same problem running a python application from a windowless shortcut.

To Bugfix it i enabled logging in python and then used print() & traceback to capture where the errors were coming from.


run pylint (as an example) on main.py and you’ll find quite some basic tidying up (including errors) before tracing :wink:

Arguably, this is the purpose of wx.adv.TaskBarIcon, which allows you to have an application seemingly running in the background and yet instantly accessible.
Years ago, I wrote something very similar Linux-reminders download | SourceForge.net purely for Linux and found the TaskBarIcon perfect for the job.
I realise this comment is a tad off subject but thought I’d throw in my penny’s worth.

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