wx.grid.Grid - how to detect moving the cursor

For a (PostgreSQL-) Database-Frontend (GUI) I would like to use wx.grid.Grid to show, update, insert and delete the data. I am succesfull in building the Grid with labels, editors and renderers, I don’t use custumized data tables but the standard table.

I would like to autometize the updates and inserts in the database for the user, so he or she doesn’t have to click on any SAVE- or UPDATE-Button. Therefor it would be nice to have:

  1. An event which tells me that any value has been changed. That should be EVT_GRID_CELL_CHANGED and/or EVT_GRID_CELL_CHANGING. I would get the information which cell content has changed, so I can mark the row to later fire an UPDATE in the database or even an INSERT, if the row is the last, empty one.
  2. An event which tells me that the cursor moved to another cell (or to another row, that would be enough), independend of how that happens: Tab, Shift-Tab, Arrow-Down, some Mouse-Click. Additionaly it would be helpful to get out, wherefrom the cursor comes. Well, we have EVT_GRID_TABBING, EVT_GRID_CELL_LEFT_CLICK an some more. But it seems to me, that there are some event handler, which I knock out if I define my own ones. For example if I define en event handler for EVT_GRID_TABBING, I have to worry about actually moving the cursor…

With these two helpers I would be able to detect the cursor movement around the cells an then chek whether there is something to update or to delete.

Any hint, how to make that?

Thanks for help


Do you call event.Skip()? Otherwise you may block default actions.