wx.Grid column header height resize?

Hi All,

Is there a way to change the height of the header row on a wx.Grid control? I’m digging through the docs but I’m coming up empty. :slightly_frowning_face:

Check SetColLabelSize / SetRowLabelSize
Unfortunately, I think, there’s no way to resize with the mouse.
So in my event handlers I check whether the user is holding Ctrl or Shift when resizing a row/col.


    self.Bind(grid.EVT_GRID_ROW_SIZE, self.OnGridRowSize)
    self.Bind(grid.EVT_GRID_COL_SIZE, self.OnGridColSize)

    def OnGridRowSize(self, event):
        row = event.GetRowOrCol()
        if row>=self.table().GetNumberRows():
        size = self.GetRowSize(row)
        if event.ControlDown() or event.ShiftDown():
            size = self.GetDefaultRowSize()
        self.SetDefaultRowSize(size, 1)

Perfect! Not sure how I overlooked it (probably not enough sleep and too many interruptions today :rofl:).