Since system upgrade (Linux Debian amd64), one of my wxpython scripts shows an error (system error? or warning).

   File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/wx/core.py", line 2934, in _ListCtrl_IsSelected
     return (self.GetItemState(idx, wx.LIST_STATE_SELECTED) & wx.LIST_STATE_SELECTED) != 0

 wx._core.wxAssertionError: C++ assertion ""item >= 0 && (size_t)item < GetItemCount()"" failed at ./src/generic/listctrl.cpp(3758) in GetItemState(): invalid list ctrl item index in GetItemState()

These system related error is evoked by

File /**/**/**py  line ***, in onListRightClick
     if not self.IsSelected(event.GetIndex()):

The program itself runs probably OK.

Is this harmless? I am wondering if there is anything I need to do.

Versions after upgrade are
wxpython 4.2.0

I appreciate any information.

Thank you in advance.

It is my understanding that python 3.11.x is currently not supported.