Where is wx._core.pyc?

Often, some error prompts are that there is an error in a line in wx._core.pyc, then wx._core.pyc where is it? I can’t find it in my wx of folder. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi angkw567,

You can find “_core.pyd” for PY2 and “_core.*.pyd” for PY3 where * indicates the version and the platform. On my PC, for example, “_core.cp39-win_amd64.pyd”.
The “pyd” is python dll that deifnes built-in functions and methods.
You can also find “core.py”, which is a wrapper for “_core” generated by SIP.

Thanks , komoto48g.
Now I get it. but the _core.*.pyd has been compiled ,I saw a bunch of numbers.Can it be restored to the source code only through assembly? Or there are other ways?

The *.pyd files are compiled C++ code. You can find the source code in the source tarball. It is generated as part of the build, and for the _core module the source files are the sip/cpp/sip_core*.cpp files. (Around 480 of them.)