Wheel file request

hello, if anybody has succeeded in building a whl for python 3.11 for Windows, could you please share it?

thank you,


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The CI is building wheels for every commit to git, you can get them here:


Hi Scott,

Thank you! This wheel does not have the problems we had on Windows 10 shown here, although the cause was not clear to me…

Will the wheels deployed on Azure be uploaded to Index of /Phoenix/snapshot-builds?

@komoto48g, no unless @Robin enables it.

IMO, it’s probably better to use the Azure/GitHub infrastructure rather than Robin’s personal infra, but it’s up to him.

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Thank you for your reply.
Yeah, I will. I have had problems building Phoenix with non-English MSVC due to codepage problems and I was glad that I thought I found a way to build it using Git Bash MinGW, but still, no luck.

I’d like to play with 3.11 wheel you suggest is available - but using the link does seem to provide a way to download it???

im like wxPhython UI.

@jfabiani, mouse over the one you want to download, then on the right three vertical dots appear. Click on that and you’ll get a menu.

Screenshot from 2023-05-10 08-55-53

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Thanks for the instructions