What is index in InsertItem(index, label)?

Now, i’m studying wx.python myself.

inside the textbook, i found InsertItem(1000,f[0]).

May i ask what this 1000 means?

import wx

fdatas = [
(‘BATMAN’, ‘THERE’, ‘2000’),

class MyFrame(wx.Frame):
def init(self, parent, title):
super().init(parent, title=title, size=(300,200))

    self.dataList = wx.ListCtrl(self, wx.ID_ANY, wx.DefaultPosition, wx.DefaultSize, wx.LC_REPORT)
    self.dataList.InsertColumn(0, 'NAME', width=100)
    self.dataList.InsertColumn(1, 'THE PLACE OF BIRTH', width=100)
    self.dataList.InsertColumn(2, 'THE DATE OF BIRTH', width=100)


    for f in fdatas:
        index = self.dataList.InsertItem(1000![질문1|690x375](upload://x8ZNN0hWNe0m7kkzZikS4d2dkiu.jpeg) ,f[0])
        self.dataList.SetItem(index, 1, f[1])
        self.dataList.SetItem(index, 2, f[2])

if name == ‘main’:
app = wx.App()
MyFrame(None, ‘PRACTICING’).Show()

well, before digging into the meaning what about straighten out the syntax, after all Python is very good at that :astonished: