Want to build wxPython ala gnuradio

There was a variety of discussion re wxWidgets on cygwin using the microsoft
native widgets ( configure --with-msw etc) eg WxPythonCygwin - GNU Radio

I would like to do this also, and have succeeded building wxWidgets off so that
forty etc, built on cygwin uses native GDI-ish widgets, and includes cygwin1.dll (posix layer)
per ldd, and works.

But when I try to wrap this up in wxPython, the build system protests.

cygwin-supplied wxPython uses X windows. This is clearly at least an occasional
topic. Is there a way to do this on 3.0.2, or any version of Phoenx?

Is there someone here who can help with advice?

Todd Nordland (toddnordland@gmail.com)