Using SaveGeometry()/RestoreToGeometry() with wx.Config

Are there any examples of how to use SaveGeometry() and RestoreToGeometry() with wx.Config? Thanks.

wx.Config does not have those methods, I guess you meant wx.TopLevelWindow.

The way it works is that you implement a class that derives from wx.TopLevelWindow.GeometrySerializer and overrides the SaveField and RestoreField methods. Then you pass an instance of that to the top-level window methods. Unfortunately I see that there is a bug causing those methods to not be exposed properly to Python. I’ll add it to my todo list.

Thanks, Robin. Looking forward to the fix.

I wanted to use wx.Config to store the geometry.

So I assume I would just call config.Write* and config.Read* in my overriding methods.

EDIT: looking at the API in wxwidgets docs, it looks like this doesn’t really do all that much that couldn’t be done with a few lines of code to save/restore width/height. I was hoping it would store more window state.