Update of Grid Display after underlying data change

I have a following problem:
I have a derived class from GridTableBase, which holds the data of the pandas
dataframe and supports as well sorting functionality.

The data for this class is stored as a pandas dataframe.

In one use-case I would like to replace the data with the new data (which has same dimensions, but for some rows the values has changed)

However, when I try replacing data directly in class, derived from GridTableBase (without creating new instance of it), and after that perform Refresh or ForceRefresh on grid, then the displayed data does not change.
Should one add some kind of notification for Grid that would force it to reread new data from table? If yes, than how exactly it should be done?

Many thanks in advance


There is a message system for the table to notify the grid, but it’s only used for changes in the number of rows or columns. See the wx.grid.GridTableMessage class.

The Grid’s ForceRefresh method should be what you need. Can you reproduce your problem in a small runnable sample?