Uninstall 4.1.0 on Linux?

I used the build.py “install” option on Linux to install wxWidgets/wxPython 4.1.0, but now how do I remove it?

You will have to remove the files manually. This is one of the reasons why building it as a Python wheel is recommended. Pip can uninstall installed wheels with ease.

Robin, thanks. Any way of telling what files were copied so that removal is clean?

Any wx or wxPython* folders inside the Python runtime’s site-packages folder, and the following scripts in the runtime’s {prefix}/bin folder:

  • helpviewer
  • img2png
  • img2py
  • img2xpm
  • pycrust
  • pyshell
  • pyslices
  • pyslicesshell
  • pywxrc
  • wxdemo
  • wxdocs
  • wxget