Unable to Select and SetVisible for subsequent items

Hi folks. I’m a newbie here, but a bit overambitious. I am building a GUI app that shows items in a dataviewctrl (with dataviewctrl.PyDataViewModel) arranged by month_year (eg March 2024) and then under each month_year there are dates, where each date can contain several items. The month_year is the parent for date, and date is the parent for the items. The problem is that when I try to highlight the newly added item (added through a user input form) using the Select method and make it visible using SetVisible, only the first item under each date gets selected and made visible, subsequent ones are not. I don’t know what I’m getting wrong, and what part of my code I need to share with you to get some help. Thanks in advance

well, in such cases I first try (a combination of) Update, Refresh and Layout :sweat_smile:

I’ve tried that but unfortunately it doesn’t work on my side. When I had one parent node, Select and SetVisible were working quite well, but on making it two parent nodes I have a lot of problems. Thanks for your response. I wanted to learn wxpython for a project I’m undertaking but at this rate and considering a few other factors, I will take my time and learn to do it in PySide instead