ToolTip font size on Windows

Is there any wat to increase the font size of tooltips in wxpython on Windows 11? According to ChatGPT there is a SetFont method for wx.ToolTip but it doesn’t appear to exist so perhaps this was a feature in older versions that has been removed.

It doesn’t look like it but if SuperToolTip is a bit much, there’s always BalloonTip, which has SetMessageFont and SetTitleFont.

I tried the example for BalloonTip from the wx docs and the result was a repeated peppering of the sample balloon tip all over my desktop. SuperToolTip, however, was exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

BalloonTip, with its ‘automatic’ positioning can be somewhat unpredictable, at least on Linux.
From the look of it, it’s even less predictable on Windows. :slightly_smiling_face:
Glad you found a solution.
I just wish there was something with the simplicity of ToolTip but with a few more options.
Oh no! I feel the need for some research coming on.

I’m running under Windows 11. I did notice one odd thing about SuperToolTip although it’s not enough to keep it from doing what I want. It’s just odd. When the tooltip message consists of multiple lines, blank lines are added at the end. For example, if the tooltip has twelve lines (in my case, month names), there are three blank lines at the end.

I’m not going to worry about removing them. The important thing was readability, thus the need for a larger font.

I forgot about wx.adv.RichToolTip.
You might want to take a gander at that.