The future of wxPython

I wonder what the future of wxPyuthon will be. There are many changes coming soon. Python 3.14+ is said to do away with the GIL. What will this mean for wxPython? I don’t know. I’m not a good enough programmer to answer the question. I have had a long run using python but never good enough to create GUI interfaces etc… In fact maybe I am asking a question that does not make sense due to the fact wxPython is not concerned about the GIL.

Anyway what is the future? Hopefully Robin will answer!


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I don’t think that a GIL change does have an influence on wxPython.
If it makes a difference, expect this to be handled by SIP.

Thanks that provides some relief. I was worried.

I’m a little nervous, I hope there’s no changes to garbage collection. I hate .NET’s garbage collector

I am with Dietmar on this one. I don’t really believe that the removal of the GIL is going to make much of a difference for wxPython.

Also, reading a bit around, running python without the GIL will be an opt-in for a relatively long time, and when it will not be anymore, there will be a way to opt-out of it.

The PR that allows running python without the GIL has been submitted like a week ago. It’s going to be a very long journey, assuming the downstream breakage/slowdowns won’t just kill it altogether.

My thinking is that I hope wxPython keeps getting updated. It is a good project and the basis of my Python OS X user interfaces

So do I, I hope wxPython still long future updated for my multi-platform application.
Thanks to all for your work you have produced.

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We can’t even get up to date Linux or Windows binaries ATM. BuildBot has been stuck on macOS only builds for a very long time.

I have been able to install wxPython 4.2.1, python 3.12 on Ubuntu 20.04. It really wasn’t to hard if you google error messages. If memory serves I needed a lib???-dev to install to get “gtk.h”.

For windows 10/11 python 3.10/3.12 I had no issues installing wxPython 4.2.x just using pip.

Don’t anything about Mac’s.

If you are having an issue installing start a new question. Others will help.


Whether or not there are changes to GIL, you will “eventually” have to accept there is some sort of change. We are not there yet so we don’t know.

At the worst python will become what pi actually is… an error generator. Version 3.14159etc… but you won’t know what version is friendly or not from that starting point, which from a back to the future type of scenario is yes, could be scary/destructive.