style=wx.SP_ARROW_KEYS having no effect

I have a wx.lib.agw.floatspin input and I just can’t get it to display with arrow keys. It is displaying with large ‘+’, ‘-’ buttons that are taking up way too much real estate. I’ve tried with wx.SpinCtrlDouble as an alternative and it’s the same. My system is linux mint 20, python 3.8, wx 4.1 and gtk3.

The wx.SP_ARROW_KEYS style is used whenever you want the user to be able to use the keyboard Up and Down arrow keys to change the value and is not related to the controls appearance.

The giant buttons you see are an unfortunate characteristic of gtk3 and so you will have two options: use a gtk2 wxPython or use a custom SpinCtrl object.

@Rolf did a cool custom SpinCtrl:

And I also wrote one here:


Very very cool - and thank you for sharing!

Thanks for clearing that up. This was a flow on problem for another issue I thought I had found an answer for by upgrading to GTK+3. I have reverted everything back to where I was and all is well now