Spacer for a AUI toolbar

I have been unable to figure out how I might add an expandable spacer to a wxAUI tool bar layout to make it look better.
For instance , Id prefer to have the ‘Help’ toolbar moved to the right edge, rather than sitting almost at the left edge when there are only one or two other tools.

You haven’t given us much to go on, is AddStretchSpacer(self, proportion=1) not what you are looking for?

My apologies.
I suppose it would have been better if I had asked that question in the wxFormBuilder context & forum.
I will have to try and add that spacer in the derived class I guess

FWIW, an issue has been raised on the wxFB GiyHub issues

If you clone/copy one of the already exiting tools and strip it to nothing and modify it to do well … Nothing, this shouldn’t be hard. Let’s just call it a aui toolbar but has no instructions but a blank ?X x ?X spacer… No tools just a blank plane…

@ metalliccow: Adding that won’t help, as there seems to be no way to add this from the wxFB GUI builder.
I CAN add the spacer and strip it, but that won’t make it expand, it just shrinks it to the minimum.
And wxFB provides no properties to adjust.

Will have to try and add it in my user code.

@rolfofsaxony: As I can’t seem to add this item in wxFB, I have tried to add it ‘manually’, but when I add my code:

self.m_auiToolBarSpacer = wx.aui.AuiToolBar( self, wx.ID_TB_SPACER, wx.DefaultPosition, wx.DefaultSize, wx.aui.AUI_TB_HORZ_LAYOUT )
        self.m_auiToolBarSpacer.Enable( False )
        self.m_mgr.AddPane( self.m_auiToolBarSpacer, wx.aui.AuiPaneInfo().Name( u"spacer" ).Top().CaptionVisible( False ).CloseButton( False ).PaneBorder( False ).Movable( False ).Dock().Resizable().FloatingSize( wx.DefaultSize ).DockFixed( True ).BottomDockable( False ).TopDockable( False ).LeftDockable( False ).RightDockable( False ).Floatable( False ).Position( 4 ).Layer( 10 ).ToolbarPane() )

I get a very small pane initially, but it does not expand, whether I resize the main frame or try to stretch

Meanwhile, I have found out that the wxFB GUI builder does not add the code, which controls some of the toolbar tool properties, to the output files at all and I have raised the issue on the wxFormBuilder GitHub forum.

I’m sorry Arnold but I can’t really help, as I have no idea what wxFB is!
Being rather old school, I tend to scratch my code on to bare metal :slight_smile:, rather than put it into a code generator.
It doesn’t make for the most stylish of code but it does allow me to know what it’s doing.
I wish I could be more help.

No problem, the issue is being addressed at the source, so I expect the problem will be resolved in the best way possible