Snapshot wheels for Linux

Hey Robin,

Is there any reason there are no snapshot wheels being built for Linux? There’s a linux directory in there but there’s nothing in there. Not enough processing power to build those daily?


More or less. Things are currently set up to build for 11 distros/versions. Multiply that by gtk2/gtk3 for some distros, and multiple versions of Python for all of them, and it adds up to a lot of builds which takes a lot of time to get it all done. The last time I timed a release build the runtime for the linux builds was over 12 hours.

Would it be worth trying to whittle that list down a bit? Ie, stop building GTK2, Python 2, maybe get rid of Ubuntu 14.04?

Yep, that’s on my ToDo list. Once that is done then I’ll see what the build time looks like and think about adding a builder for it again.