Should I design my gui using XRC?

I am brand new to wxPython, and am just starting to learn the basics. I stumbled across XRC, and it sounds really great. It sounds so great in fact, that I’m wondering why it almost seems to be hidden in the various tutorials and training materials?
Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use XRC to create the layout of my gui? Are there any limitations that it will impose, or certain controls that I won’t be able to access?

For C++ it may be easier to use XRC.

For Python it does not add value and not support all features. It will prevent you from stepping through with the debugger or add elements on the debugger console.
If you want to do it the hard way, create the GUI in code. If you want to make your life easier, use wxGlade as GUI builder and work through the tutorial. This will get you started with wxPython.

Remember to download and run also the wxPython demo.


P.S.: Use an IDE with a good debugger. This will save you a lot of time.
See here at the bottom for a screen shot: Create and Use Source Code — wxGlade 1.0.0 documentation

Thanks, I am using Pycharm and I will stick with the normal python code instead of XRC.
I had looked at Glade and wxFormBuilder, but I think I better stick with writing the code by hand in order better learn how it works.

Another good option is to use wxFormBuilder to design your UI and generate base clases in python for your GUI.