RichTextCtrl key input delay

Windows 10 | python 3.8.2 | 4.1.0 msw(phoenix) wxWidgets 3.1.4

When I input key in textctrl it’s ok but in richtextctrl, key input is delayed every one Syllable.

I tried everything, but couldn’t solve it.

Operation video below. Thank you.

It appears that since the TextCtrl is a native widget it is able to interact with the system IME (input method editor) internally, so it appears to be happening in-place inside the widget. On the other hand, the RichTextCtrl is a generic widget (implemented in wxWidgets code, not system libraries) then it has to use the external IME, which is shown in the upper-left corner of your video. I don’t think there is a way to change this without significant changes to wxWidgets, but you may want to check on their user group to be sure.