Recommended linter for wxPython?

In Visual Studio Code, I am getting a linter warning from pylint that “Module ‘wx’ has no’ Frame’ member” before I run the block of code at the end of this topic.

Since the code runs and displays the desired window, I believe there may be a better linter to use than pylint (at least where wxPython is used). If my belief is correct, can someone recommend a better linter than pylint?

import wx

app = wx.App(False)

frame = wx.Frame(None, title=‘Test’)



Although I tend to disagree with some of the things it flags as errors, I tend to use flake8 when a linter is needed.

Many thanks!

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Robin explained some time ago why a linter can’t check on wx; pylint uses a configuration ‘pylintrc’ and in there set ‘generated-members=wx’, that will switch off all wx related messages; I use Geany and the integration of pylint or flake8 or else is pretty simple and a check is done when one wants it; I hade a look at VSC and…

Thank you. I was glad to read in your message that Robin had already explained why a linter cannot check on wx. I must have just missed the earlier topic when looking at related messages.

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I use the following in .pylintrc to get rid of these messages:

generated-members = wx.*
extension-pkg-whitelist = wx

Either one will suppress these warnings.