PyPubSub with function currying?

I’m trying to add a Listener to a topic, where the Listener is a curried function (has one parameter), and it seems like it should work - but it doesn’t. :slight_smile:

from functools import partial

def new_game_msg(*args):
    pub.sendMessage(topicName='', some_data='this is a test message')

def MakeStatusBar(top_frame):

    statusbar = top_frame.CreateStatusBar()
    statusbar.SetStatusWidths([200, 200, -2])

    status_func = partial(got_status_msg, statusbar)

    status_func(some_data='Directly testing function currying')  # Works

    pub.subscribe(listener=status_func, topicName='')  # Breaks

    # pub.subscribe(listener=got_msg, topicName='')  # Works, when alone

    return statusbar

def got_status_msg(status_bar, some_data):
    print(f"*** got_status_msg, args = {some_data}\n")
    status_bar.SetStatusText(some_data, 0)

def got_msg(some_data):
    print(f"*** got_msg: data = {some_data}\n")

I’d like the Listener to have a pointer to a StatusBar, for posting messages. (Note this is just experimentation-code, learning WxPython.) The error is:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Code/wxpy/hex_test/src/wx/", line 11, in new_game_msg
    pub.sendMessage(topicName='', some_data='this is a test message')
    raise SenderUnknownMsgDataError(self.topicNameTuple,
Some optional args unknown in call to sendMessage('('game', 'new')', some_data): some_data

The Listener, as I understood it, can be any Callable - so is there a way of making this work? Thanks.