(Potential) wx.SplitterWindow display problem

Hi all,

1st post here and - as a background - I’m not a professional programmer (not for the last 20 years), I’m working on some data manipulation tool. After successfully completing the prototype with PySimpleGui I’m in a process of selection a more advanced UI framework, hence investigating wxPython. I’d prefer the main window to have split panels so I have copied a “How to create a splitter window (Phoenix)” example from the WikI and ran it. It works as expected except one thing - when I mouse click on the splitter to resize by dragging left or right the “handle” is shown at offset from the actual splitter (and inch up and an inch left approximately) - only when I’m on a smaller (laptop) screen of my dual screen workstation. When I drag the window to the second (HDMI) larger screen it works as expected.

Is there a solution to this or a workaround? Running Python 3.10.5 “on win32” on Windows 11.

Many thanks