PlateButton tooltips not showing on Mac, except when not wanted.

PlateButton tooltips don’t seem to show on Mac, except for this weird case…

I have AuiNotook in a splitter window. I click a button in a different splitter pane to load a page in the notebook. This page has a panel containing a bunch of PlateButtons with tooltips. After the page is shown, the tooltip associated with the last button in the panel shows up next to the mouse position (wherever the mouse happens to be - e.g. not even in the notebook part of the main frame.).

I’m running wx version 4.0.5. Works great on Windows but has this weird bug on Mac. Would be nice if tooltips would work correctly on Mac the way they do on Windows.

Yeah, there’s definitely something weird going on there. It happens on other generic widgets too, like the buttons in the wx.lib.buttons module. It also happens in 4.1 (wxWidgets 3.1).

I don’t think there is anything in the wxPython parts of the code that could cause this, so it will probably need to be reported to the wxWidgets folks to investigate. Check and see if there’s anything about it already at, and report it there if not.


Thanks Robin. I opened a ticket at wxWidgets - just quoted my post and your reply.

Please copy the Trac link to the ticket here for tracking purposes.

Trac link:
But already got a reply:
Sorry, I don’t know why Robin told you to report this here because
PlateButton is not implemented in C++ (in fact, I don’t even know what
this is). We really can’t do anything about something which doesn’t even
exist in the (C++) library, there must have been some misunderstanding

I’ve updated and reopened the ticket.

Thanks Robin, I appreciate your help in pursuing this.