Planning or GANTT like vue


Quitte new with wxPython, I am developping a tool in order to view activity of team work in my factory. For moment it is more a distraction work in order to enance my skill in wxPython and maintain my knowledge on Python.

So the subject is that I get some information of start and end of labor on operation from a database and I would like to have them presented in a time line planning vue or GANTT like vue.

The visual idea look like this:

My question is which modules seems more adapted to relised this kind of view?

Passing mousse over operations rectangular boxes will provide some complement information.
Double clicking on scare box will bring actions (modification mainly, may be a left click menu capability)
Drag and drop will be top for handling updates.

Do I have to set up a collapsable table and putt scare in the last column?
Can I mix table and drawing area? What’s happen if I have to scrall down in order to sincrhonise both ?

The aim is more to know were to go in the documentation.

Thanks for the advices.