[off-topic] On testing a wxPython app with pytest to get code coverage report

I start by saying this is off-topic, because the problem is not with with wxpython, but with my lack of knowledge on how to avoid Python caching of the wx module when running the unit tests of my project RIDE.

Maybe you need to have this problem solved in your wxPython apps, or you know how to solve it, which would be wonderful.

I am spreading this request for help in many forums, so I may find help sooner.

This is my post at Medium.

This is the Demo Project I created to reproduce the problem.

This the post at RobotFramework Forum, with the relevant demo code and test.

Join the RobotFramework community, if you are interested in Software Testing. I am “always” there in Slack.

Exploring guidance from experts with pytest experience could be advantageous https://tech-stack.com/services/artificial-intelligence