Objectlistview EVT_ITEM_CHECKED event fires recursively

Hi Wxpython Users,

I am new to https://discuss.wxpython.org/ forums.

I am using the following to develop an small app using wxpython and i had an issue in dealing with Objectlistview EVT_ITEM_CHECKED event.

os : Windows 7 32 bit
python : 3.8.9
IDE used Thonny : 3.3.13
wxPython : 4.1.1
Objectlistview : 1.3.1

Objectlistview EVT_ITEM_CHECKED event doesn’t return when programmatically checked using SetCheckState inside the event handler. Event is generating recursively.

The sample code is attached,which I got from How to bind an event to the checkbox in the objectlistview in wxpython - Stack Overflow answered by Mike Driscoll and slightly modified by me in the event handler on_item_checked to demonstrate my issue.

I want to check similar rows with same tin if exists, when user checked a row.

I also tried to use unbind the event inside the handler, but it doesn’t solved the issue.

I think some one could point out that what I have missed.

Thanks for any help in this regard,

Sibu.objchkbox.py (4.0 KB)