[newbie] Windows Dark Mode

My understanding is that wxWidgets are effectively native widgets, I assume that’s the case on Windows. I have “dark mode” on Windows enabled , yet all the examples I have tried so far don’t show up in dark mode.

Is there something one has to set / configure on the app prior to showing it ?

ultimately more controlled way of theming would be great, but practically , our shop just runs all apps in “dark mode” and thus that would suffice


Hi, amiracam

I found an old discussion here (Windows 10 Dark Mode - wxWidgets Discussion Forum).
Nothing has changed since the last post. Microsoft doesn’t seem to support dark mode for win32 applications.

Using high-contrast mode in Dark mode makes the entire window dark but looks a bit cheap …
light-mode Dark mode
dark+highcont Dark mode + high-contrast

this is relevant too