Need help with GridSizer to resize widget

Introduction and Issue

i’ve made a gridsizer to resize my frame iself but because of the gridsizer if i use WX_EXPAND flag (to let them have a new heigth and width when i use self.Layout() to refresh when the app is resized) they don’t resize the % of the screen i gave them (i put blank widget to put all my widget where i want )

What I have tried

i’ve tried to make a wx.GridBagSizer but i can’t understand why it always say that GenericTreeCtrl don’t exist (its a must i need this tree) so i’m asking a way to do this with wx.GridSizer i want to work with something like that and be abble to resize my widget: what i want to be resizable

Ive asked help on stackoverflow but after 1day no one come. :c
Here a sample that they requested from me with a condensed of my code.

class mainPanel(wx.Panel):
def __init__(self, parent, pageNum, FrameSize):
    self.parent = parent
    self.pageNum = pageNum
    wx.Panel.__init__(self, parent=parent)
    Sizer = wx.GridSizer(6,6,0,0)
    self.PathList = []
    self.PathSelected = []
    self.pastePath = ""

    widthA,heightA = FrameSize[0],FrameSize[1]
    path = "/media/" + os.getlogin()
    self.folder_tree_project = wx.GenericDirCtrl(self, wx.ID_ANY,path, (0,0), wx.Size(widthA*0.3,heightA*0.75),wx.FULL_REPAINT_ON_RESIZE|wx.DIRCTRL_MULTIPLE)
    self.t1 = self.folder_tree_project.GetTreeCtrl()
    self.Bind(wx.EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGED, self.OnSelect,id=self.t1.GetId())

    self.Bind(wx.EVT_SIZE, self.OnResize)

def OnResize(self,event):
    FrameSize = self.GetSize()

Honestly, I have problems to understand what the actual question of the two posts is.

I have put together an example layout using wxGlade with notebook, tree and list control: (3.4 KB) (1.2 KB)


WxGlade let you do your own size? Im making it all from code like you can see and if i do EXPAND ive got blank scare all around so all my widget will became tiny.
Im going to sleep im showing what ive done to be able to place my widget

To be able to place my widget where i want before each i do that in a certains range to put them where i want, and because of that when i do expand the only take theyr little case to expand and i did not found other where to do relative positioning so i can’t do relative size and position so that the problem

	#adding massive blank
		for x in range(0,3):

I’m trying to use wxGlade but it’s not simple, how do i add a ‘minsize’ to my frame ?

“Min size” is only supported in the repository version, not in the released version 1.0.1.
You can add SetMinSize to the code tab, though: “Code to be inserted after”.
Why do you need a min size for a frame? I have been using wxPython for more than 20 years and have never used this. Setting the start size “Size” usually is enough.

because under a certain size i got error message because widget can’t appear, ive resolved all my problem i just need to add my def for .bind thank a lot ! and with wxglade ive understand gridbagsizer thank you verry much !