Need Guidance on Creating Custom Widgets in wxPython

Hey guys! :innocent:

I am building a program with wxPython, and it’s going well so far. I can put in buttons, lists, all the basic stuff. But I want to make my program even better with custom widgets – those fancy controls you don’t get right out of the box.

Here’s where I’m stuck:

  • What’s the best way to make custom widgets in wxPython? Are there special tools or ways to build them so I can reuse them in other projects?
  • How do I make these custom widgets react to things users do, like clicks or typing?
  • How can I jazz up my custom widgets to make them look shiny and fit the style of my program?
  • Any tips on finding and fixing problems with my custom widgets? Also, how can I make sure they work on different computers?
  • Are there any guides, websites, or anything else that teaches you how to make custom widgets in wxPython? Maybe even examples of how other people have done it?

I also check this: But I have not found any solution. So you can give on making custom widgets in wxPython. Your help will take my program from good to great!

Thanks a bunch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello, I’ve worked quite a bit with the custom drawing in wxPython (and was the OP of the thread you linked). Here are some links to examples you can look at for creating customize GUIs with wxPython:

wxPythonPit Libs - wxPyWiki (List of packages/widgets)
GitHub - GimelStudio/gswidgetkit: Custom widget toolkit for easier creation of customized wxPython GUIs (Take a look for examples on creating buttons, sliders, etc)
GitHub - GimelStudio/gsnodegraph: Powerful node graph widget for wxPython GUIs (Take a look for example of creating a complex custom widget)
GitHub - GimelStudio/GimelStudio: Non-destructive, node based 2D image editor with an API for custom nodes (Uses the above two packages in a real application)
GitHub - Correct-Syntax/ui-style-lang: CSS-like style language for drawing and styling elements in wxPython (My experimentation with css-like styling for wxPython. Not production-ready and not really useful as-is, but might give you some ideas.)