MS Edge backend for WebView

Edge Vippi2

Last night’s snapshot build added support for using Microsoft’s Edge browser (the new Chromium version) for the backend of wx.html2.WebView (on Windows only). It requires that a recent version of Edge is installed on the PC. I’ve had troubles getting it to work with the latest official release version, but it works very well with the Edge from the Beta Channel. (Currently version 86.0.622.43)

Take a look at the HTML2_Webview sample in the demo for how to check what backends are available. You can use similar code in your application to tell if the Edge backend can be loaded and used, or to fall back to the IE backend.


Great news that there is progress towards using the new(ish) browser.
I have an app that uses HTML2 for rendering SVG, but have have had to send files to Chrome for animation as using the current engine won’t do it in-app.