MacOS/Py2App - Installed application not starting up

Hi, I wonder if anyone has seen this issue or has any advice.

I have an application using wxPython 4.1.1, and the Mac version is frozen with Py2App. When installed, the application will not start up properly. It seems to go into wx.App.init() and just wait.

I have an overridden App class, and the OnInit is not called, so whatever is stalling happens pretty early. I have redirect enabled on the initializer and nothing shows up in the output file.

Strangely, the application icon appears in the Dock, and if I click on it, the initialization will proceed normally. This is a problem for this application, which is meant to run in the background without user intervention.

The App object is instantiated from the main thread; the only prior wx code called is some event bindings. The main window, menu bar, etc are all instantiated in OnInit. No other threads are started until the App is created.

Any debug advice or similar experience/solution would be greatly appreciated.

This does not happen with the Windows version of the app.
Kevin Morris

I think I have found the answer - make sure you do not set Py2App argv_emulation with a GUI app!