Linux wheels with manylinux2010

Sorry, I know Linux wheels has come up a few times, and I know that using manylinux had failed in the past (although I don’t think I’ve seen discussion of what exactly caused the issue).

Just wanted to flag that the manylinux has now been updated to be based on a newer version of Centos

That has made it possible to build some packages that weren’t previously possible and maybe it’s worth trying again to build a phoneix wheel with that?

Yep, I’m looking into it.

The main problem with manylinux1 was that the spec and the reference platform did not include, or include new enough, required libraries that are dependencies of wxWidgets. I was able to hack around things a bit, breaking some compatibility with the reference platform, and also include some extra libs in the wheel not included in the spec, which spec does allow, but doing that with gtk and gtk dependents resulted in them not being able to use things like system themes and probably other non-library parts of GTK. The result did run on newer linuxes, but was severely limited, was gtk2-only, looked butt-ugly without access to themes, almost all of the optional features had to be turned off, and the size of the wheel was huge because of the need to include so many 3rd party libs. I expect that there would be license issues too because of including those libs.

I felt that there would be much less complaints about the need to build it yourself than there would be from releasing a linux wheel with those problems. Hopefully manylinx2010 will be better.

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But it being based on CentOS 6 makes me think that it may not be better. CentOS 7 is probably the minimum needed.

OK, well I’ll be interested to hear if you make any progress there. I was working on a project that needed XInput2 and the step to Centos6 was enough to get that one over the line, so I was hoping it would help wx too