Installing wxPython on ubuntu

I don’t or maybe can’t recall how many times I have had issues installing wxPython on Linux. But my recent upgrade of ubuntu to 21.10 went very smoothly.

I used the following web instructions:

It took a while but so far runs without issue. I hope this helps someone.


I just went through a problem installing wxpython with Python 3.10. (Under Windows, but Ubuntu might have a similar issue) When I backed off to Python 3.9, there were no problems.

What issues did you see with 3.10? Last I heard 3.10 was/is supported.

It reverted to doing a native build which failed. When I reverted to 3.9 the wheel installed with no problem.

That always works. And at the moment I do not see a wheel for 3.10.

oops - I did find a 3.10 wheel: