I just wanted to say "good job"

I worked a project some years ago with Python which used wxPython as the GUI. The project was a compact direction-finding system for a small UAV for finding radios being used by adversaries in theatre. The heavy lifting was done by an FPGA, the control and data management was done with Python under Linux on the platform, and the operator console and GUI was on the ground. I had not done a lot of Python before this and had lots of embedded (real-time, multi-process, hardware interfaces, Sqlite, networking and comms) and GUI experience after (including a port to Android).

I managed to not do a lot of Python for a couple of years and now I’m back into it on a new project, including constructing a GUI. I discovered that wxPython got wacked in the meanwhile, and I was considering other solutions.

I finally found “Phoenix” and have been working through migration issues and am getting things working again.

That having been said, I see what “Phoenix” is all about and this is a generally cleaner, more obvious implementation that was I worked with once upon a time.

Thank you for all of the work.


Thanks for sharing!

Your welcome. There is much to do and learn from in the wxPython community.