I am having issues installing wxpython

I am currently using vs code. When i install wxpython using the command “Python -m pip install -U wxPython” it says requirement already satisfied. However, whenever i try running the ‘hello world’ test window code, it says “module wx not found”. Can someone please help me? I do not know what else to do. I am using the latest version of python, windows 10.

Latest version of Python? Is it 3.10? There’s no binary distribution of wxPython for 3.10. Please use e.g. Python 3.9.

Ok. How can I switch my python version from 3.10 to 3.9?

That depends (lol). Window, MAC, Linux?

See also Download Python | Python.org. The previous versions (before 3.10) are available there as well and AFAIK python versions can be installed alongside. Having said that I once screwed up a raspbian OS by installing a newer version of Python on it.

Having installed python is indeed a step needed to start with python. However, wxPython is a library and needs to be installed alongside the Python language ityself.

See also: How to install wxPython - wxPyWiki and that is a lot of reading. For windows or mac just start with pip install -U wxPython