html2.WebView display problem?


I was trying to get an exported flow diagram in HTML from to display in the wx.html2.WebView. It will display the overall image but not show the link highlight, tooltip or follow the link from the Open Source box (see image below and attached zip of the html). My fear is that it will not work as it’s javascript reliant and coming from Can anyone confirm it won’t ever work or if there might be a step or config I missed?

image (1.4 KB)

FWIW, I did try the steps referenced in the link below to try and make sure I had some javascript working and followed another thread about setting the registry for the browser emulation. This was in MSW in Python 3.8 with wxPython 4.0.7 (also Python3.6 and wx4.0.3) and I modified the to confirm what I was seeing in my app. The hover over links code works on other pages but not this example html above.

reg_path = r"Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION"
set_reg(sys.executable, reg_path, 11001) (1.4 KB)

Loading it on OSX behaves the same as on Windows. (IOW, using a real WebView instead of a MS IE wrapper backend.) So I expect that it could be needing more from the container than can be provided in a simple pageview.