HOWTO: Use this discussion site

There’s a lot going on here on Discuss wxPython, and it’s different enough from the typical forum sites that some folks may not find some things as intuitive as others do. To help you get up to speed with communicating on this site, here’s a link to the Discourse New User Guide.

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Hi there. I’m a dinosaur (degree from 1970-ish) and developing my skills in Python/wxPython. Having a lot of piddly little troubles with wxPython and thought I’d post some questions here. Unfortunately, I don’t see any way of starting a new topic. A little help, please.

If you’re using the web interface then there are “New Topic” buttons in various places, like this one if you’re still using the default theme:

I find it’s easiest to first go to the category where you want to post the message and then click the button from there. That way the category is preselected and I don’t have to remember to set it myself.

If you’ve changed themes then it’s possible that the New Topic button has changed. Like this one:


Which expands when you hover over it:


If you have enabled mailing list mode then you should be able to start new topics via email, by sending to, like I’ve only lightly tested that however, so if it doesn’t work please let me know. The mailboxes are polled every few minutes, so it make take a little time for the messages to be turned into a new topic.


It’s there now. Wasn’t before. Ah well.

And now it says “Open Draft”. I’ll just go with that.