HOWTO: start a new topic (thread) via e-mail

Although this wxPython Discussion site has been a great benefit for the wxPython community, and IMO a big step up from the Google Groups email lists, some users still prefer to interact with the community solely via email.

Once you have confirmed your email and completed the new user tutorial and spent a bit of time reading posts on the site, then your “trust level” will be bumped up from new_user to basic_user. Then in your Preferences page for this site ( you can turn on “Mailing list mode” which will then send you email messages whenever somebody posts a new message on the site. You can reply to that email message and your email will be added to the topic on the discussion site. Don’t forget to use Markdown formatting for things like code blocks so they look right on the discussion website.

To send an email that will start a new topic in some category, you just need to send a message to an address based on the category name. (The category names are shown on the front page of the site.) If the category name has a space in it, then replace the space with a dash, and add on For example,

If you get an error reply message with text like this:

We're sorry, but your email message to [""] 
(titled test) didn't work.

Your account does not have the required trust level to post new topics to 
this email address. If you believe this is an error, [contact a staff member]

Then that means that your trust level is not high enough. Currently starting a new topic via email requires a trust level of 2 (member) as a spam protection measure. The automatic bump to level 2 requires a greater level of interaction with the discussion site, things like number of messages read, time spent on the site, number of replies, likes given and received, etc. For someone who is interested in using only email to communicate with the community getting the required metrics is probably nearly impossible. So if you have already have a good level of interaction with users on the site (posted several messages/replies, have been generally helpful, some of your messages have been “liked”, etc.) then send a private message to me (Robin) and I’ll consider manually bumping up your trust level.

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